We Are…

Rotary as an international organization is dedicated to philanthropic endeavors. Internationally Rotary has 1.4 million members worldwide in 200 countries. Our reach is tremendous and so is our impact.

Locally the Stuart Rotary is pillar supporting Rotary International with an added emphasis on our local community and local businesses. With the Stuart Rotary, a member can expect to be part of Rotary’s community outreach, benefit from our business support and develop relationships to grow the member and their business. Our members Give a Little, and Get a Lot.

Business Performance Program

This business support program offers business owners and employees insightful education by leaders in financial, marketing, and lifestyle development.

Community Outreach 

Rotary members come from all facets of the business community. Membership will enhance your own leadership possibilities through our Business Performance Program, through our Rotary Leadership education Programs and through our members mentorship.